Meter Rates (Lot E only)

$1.00 per hour
$4.00 *5 hours

*Maximum Time Limit


Meter Rates (On Street & all other lots)

Quarter 30 min
Dime 12 min
Nickel 6 min
Token 30 min


Monthly Permit Rates*

Third Street, and Church Street Garages $60.00
Third Street, and Church Street Garages (Reserved) $70.00
Surface Lots $40.00
Surface Lots (Reserved) $50.00
Meter $100.00

*Autodebit participants receive a $2.00 discount on their monthly fee. Visit the WPA office to sign up.

Daily Rates

Third Street and Church Street Garages $15.00

Validated Parking

Parking Validation is available to customers of several businesses located in downtown Williamsport. The business will give you a "Chaser Ticket" to use to exit the garage. At the exit gate, your entry ticket will be inserted first followed by the "Chaser Ticket" issued by the business. (Individual conditions vary by business. See business for details.)

Contractor Permits

Contractors that meet certain eligibility requirements may apply for a permit which, when properly displayed, allows a vehicle to be parked while performing contractor services, without certain restrictions. These eligibility requirements and specific restrictions are listed on the Contractor Parking Permit Application Fact Sheet. The cost is $35.00 per month.