Parking Facilities 

Downtown Williamsport PA Parking Map 

Payment Drop Boxes

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Surface Lots

WPA manages 18 surface lots throughout downtown Williamsport, offering both metered and monthly permit spaces.

Lot A 

131 permit spaces, located on Market and East Church Streets

Lot B  

50 metered spaces, 4 hour limit, located at Market and Edwin Streets, convenient for the James V. Brown Library and the Downtown Business District

Lot C  

12 permit spaces located at Laurel and North Streets

Lot D  

65 permit spaces and 10 metered spaces. Located at East Third and Mulburry Streets

Lot E  

116 permit spaces (Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 4 pm) and 19 metered spaces, with 116 additional metered spaces available Mon. - Friday 4 pm - 9 pm, all day Sat. & Sun. Located at Hepburn and West Fourth Streets. Convenient for City Hall, Sun-Gazette, Water Authority, and Cinema Center

Lot F  

110 permit spaces and 13 metered spaces. Located in the 400 Block of Pine Street

Lot F2 

32 permit spaces. Located in the 400 Block of William Street

Lot F3

6 permit spaces. Located on North Street between William and Laurel Streets

Lot G  

100 permit spaces. Located at Hepburn and Fifth Streets

Lot H  

43 permit spaces. Located at Mulberry and Canal Streets

Lot J  

65 permit spaces. Located in 0-100 block of East Third Street

Lot K  

12 permit spaces and 5 metered spaces. Located at West Third and West Streets. Convenient for Federal Court House.

Lot L  

30 metered spaces. Located at 100 block of West Fourth Street. Convenient for the Lycoming County Courthouse and the Central Downtown Business District.

Lot N  

24 permit spaces. Located at William and Fifth Streets.

Lot O  

66 permit spaces and 17 metered spaces. Located at Mulberry and Edwin Streets.

Lot Q  

75 permit spaces. Located at Hepburn and West Edwin Streets

Lot R  

19 metered spaces. Located in the 100 block of West Fourth Street

Lot U  

18 permit spaces, located in the 300 block of West Third Street.


Third Street GarageThird Street Parking Garage

The Third Street Garage, located at 115 West Third Street, is a fully automated parking facility that offers 300 monthly permit and 200 daily parking spaces. Daily rates are $2.00 for the first hour, and $1.00 for each additional half hour, with a $10.00 daily maximum charge. Daily rates are in effect Mon-thurs 9:00am- 7:00pm, Fri 9:00am-8:00pm. Upon entering the deck, daily parkers will receive a time stamped ticket that must be presented at the cashier booth when leaving the deck. The Third Street Garage consists of 7 levels with levels 1-3 designated for daily parking and levels 4-7 designated for permit parking.

Jury Parking

In conjunction with the County and Federal Courts, jurors may park for free in the Third Street Garage.  When entering the garage, patrons will push the black button to receive a ticket to allow them access to the garage.  Jurors will need to receive a “Chaser Ticket” from the bailiff at the courthouse.  When exiting the garage, the juror will need to insert the entry ticket first, followed by the “Chaser Ticket”.  It is recommended that jurors DO NOT park their vehicles on the street or in the Church Street Transportation Center unless instructed by WPA staff.

Church Street Transportation Center

The Church Street Transportation Center, owned and operated by River Valley Transit, is located at 11 West Church Street. This fully automated parking facility offers 330 daily and permit parking spaces. Ground floor space is home to Susquehanna Trailways.


Daily rates for both garages are as follows:

Monday – Friday (6am-7pm)
Monday – Friday (7pm-6am), Saturday, Sunday

$2.00 for the 1st hour

$1.00 for the 1st hour

$.50 each additional ˝ hour

$.25 each additional ˝ hour